Rules & Student Etiquette


  • All students must complete and sign the relevant application form prior to commencing training.
  • Class fees should be paid before 10th of every month.
  • All students must wear gi (uniform) for all classes.
  • Misuse of the techniques learned in the dojo will result in disciplinary action.
  • Students who have outstanding fees can take grading after they are settled.
  • Grading will depend on attendance and the Instructors discretion as well as technical ability.
  • Use of illegal drugs and medications will not be tolerated under any circumstances. MAA reserves the right to ask such students to seek professional help, report to the concerned authority or dismiss the student from class.

Student Etiquette & Dojo Conduct

Every student must observe the following while attending classes conducted by MAA in order to maintain an orderly and effective training hall.

  • Preserve common-sense standards of decency and respect to your instructors and fellow practitioners at all times
  • Bow to instructor prior to start of training and at the end of class.
  • Always follow the instructor’s instructions and only practice techniques that are demonstrated by the instructor.
  • When talking to instructors, you must address them as “sensei” or “Sir” or as directed the instructor.
  • Carry out the directives of the instructors promptly.
  • Do not challenge each other or try to show off. Leave your ego and your problems at the door.
  • Senior students should always set a good example to junior/lower ranking students. Be on time for class. If you do happen to arrive late, wait at the edge of the dojo/training floor to be acknowledged by the instructor.
  • Personal hygiene is important. Make sure your uniform, hands and feet are clean and free of offensive odors.
  • Keep your finger and toenails trimmed short so as not to injure yourself, your partner, or your instructor.
  • Do not wear any jewelry like rings, necklaces, chains, watches, earrings, bracelets etc while training as this may cause injury to you or your training partner.
  • Do not wear shoes on the mat/practice area.
  • If you receive a scratch or cut while practicing, leave the dojo immediately, and clean and bandage it securely.
  • If you should have to leave the mat or dojo for any reason during class, approach the instructor and ask permission.
  • Do not smoke, bring food, gum, or beverages on to the training floor.
  • No talking while class is in session, unless you have a question or problem
  • Do not change your clothes on the training area.
  • Be courteous and show respect to all visitors in the dojo.
  • Do not disrupt or distract other students while classes are in progress.
  • Do not show too much interest in promotion. The emphasis is on learning, not on rank.
  • Remember you are a martial artist whether you are in class or not. Your conduct reflects honor or dishonor on your instructors, classmates, and MAA. Misuse of martial arts techniques for bullying, unnecessary fighting, or showing off degrades yourself, MAA, your instructor, and your art.

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